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EverythingEDApplicationLibraryLogoblue 300x300 Everything DiSC DiSC® Profiles use the third generation of the DiSC® assessment – from Paper, to the Online DiSC® Classic, to Everything DiSC®. It is a research validated learning model that creates a highly personalized learner experience.

In the process we have moved from a graph based profile to the newer circumplex model which provides more information. To see a short video on this transition Click Here

Each profile is topic-specific, with in-depth information; including tips, strategies, and action plans to help learners become more effective. All Everything DiSC® profiles include access to follow-up reports

The Profiles

1. Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders: The work of leaders made simple: Vision, Alignment and Execution. Based on best practices, Work of Leaders connects to real world demands, generating powerful conversations that provide a clear path for action.  Learn More–>

2. Everything DiSC® Workplace: Can be used with everyone in an organization, regardless of title or role, to build more effective relationships, and improve the quality of the workplace. Learn More–>

3. Everything DiSC® Management: Teaches managers how to bring out the best in each employee. They learn how to read employee styles and adapt their own styles to manage more effectively. Learn More–>

4. Everything DiSC® Sales: Helps salespeople connect better with their customers by understanding their DiSC® sales style, understanding their customers’ buying style, and adapting their sales style to meet their customers buying styles. Learn More–>

5. Everything DiSC® 363 for Leaders: Combines the best of 360s with the simplicity and power of DiSC®, plus three personalized strategies for improving leadership effectiveness. For anyone who wants to use 360°feedback as part of their leadership development, whether an emerging leader or an experienced executive. (For further information on this profile Click Here)


And What’s Next ? – Exclusive Follow-Up Reports!

Everything DiSC® Comparison Report: Follow-up Reports that can be created for any two participants to illustrate their similarities and differences. Unlimited access available at no additional charge with all Everything DiSC® profiles. Read more about the Comparison Reports–>

Everything DiSC® Customer Interaction Map: Personalized follow-up interaction maps to help salespeople navigate from their sales styles to their real-life customers’ buying styles. Exclusively for the Everything DiSC® Sales Profile: unlimited access available at no additional charge. Read More about Everything DiSC® Sales Profile–>

Everything DiSC® Facilitator Report: Provides a composite of you group’s DiSC® styles and information on how DiSC® styles can impact your organization’s culture. Includes the names and styles of each participant. Sold separately.

Everything DiSC® Group Culture Report: Helps you determine the group’s DISC® culture, explore its advantages and disadvantages, discuss its effect on group members, and examine its influence on decision making and risk taking. Sold separately.

Everything DiSC® 363 Coaching Supplement: Additional information for coaches to use when preparing to provide leaders with their Everything DiSC® 363 for Leaders Feedback.
Exclusively for the Everything DiSC® 363 for Leaders Profile – available at no additional charge.



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Building Better Relationships Using DiSC® Comparison Reports

Combining different styles in the workplace allows you to take advantage of complementary strengths. But it can also lead to stress and conflict if relationships are not considered. Using the comparison reports that come with the Everything Disc Profiles, can be an effective way to resolve that conflict and create productive relationships in the workplace.

Hello, My name is Bill Blake and today I would like to talk with you about something that can be very useful in developing better relationships in the workplace. More specifically, I want to discuss the use of the “Comparison Reports” that are available with Inscape publishing’s Everything DiSC profiles. These comparison reports are ideal for improving relationships.

First of all, a quote from Wynne Powell, President of London Drugs, London Air Services, and the recipient of several leadership awards. He said, “One cannot talk about leadership without talking about relationship building.” My own career would not be what it is without building trusted relationships. [Read more...]

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The Evolution of DiSC: From Graph to Dot

More than 30 Years ago DiSC started as a graph based instrument to assist in understanding behavioral styles. This instrument has been used by over 30 million people worldwide. Now there is a new version called Everything DiSC® that many people find to be more intuitive and easier to understand and remember. This video discusses this transition.

Hello, my name is Bill Blake and today I would like to talk with you about one of the most valuable learning instruments we carry – The DiSC Classic Profile, and its evolution from a graph based instrument to the newest Everything DiSC circular model; where a dot, and shading, represents your style on the DiSC model of behavior.

The DiSC Classic graph based model has been used for over 30 years by some 40+ million users – to help people understand themselves and others. It has become the traditional way to represent a person’s DiSC style. A person’s scores are shown on each of 4 scales –D, I, S & C. And this information is then interpreted based on one of 15 classical Patterns. This graph shows the “Persuader” pattern – one of the 15. [Read more...]

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Work of Leaders

Work of Leaders is the newest addition to the Everything DiSC line of products by Inscape Publishing. Its purpose is to identify research based and validated leadership best practices. It is designed to help Leaders understand how their behavioral tendencies influence their effectiveness in Leadership situations. The report is a highly personalized report of some 23 pages containing context specific feedback tips and strategies to improve the Leader’s effectiveness.

Hello, My name is Bill Blake and today I would like to talk with you about something brand new.

It is a new DiSC profile that has just been released, and is now available for use. It is part of the Everything DiSC line of products, published by Inscape Publishing, and is called – “Work of Leaders”. We have been anticipating this profile for some 4 years now, and the final product, in my opinion, has been worth the wait.

First of all: Work of Leaders, defines leadership as having a one-to-many relationship, as opposed to management’s one to one relationship with their staff. For example – Leaders often may be responsible for staff for which they do not have a direct reporting relationship.

Secondly, Work of Leaders helps Leaders understand how their behavioral tendencies influence their effectiveness in Leadership situations. The focus of the profile is developing preferred behaviors – based on best practices. [Read more...]

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Feedback for Leaders

In this video we explore the 360 degree Feedback model – it’s characteristics, what it is, and what it is not, a model for implementation, and 360 Degree Feedback’s main advantages. For further insights visit www.360FeedbackandMore.com

Video Transcript:

Hello, My name is Bill Blake and today I would like to talk with you about something that can be often controversial – that is, giving feedback to Leaders and the use of 360 Degree Feedback.
And yet in an article published in “Smartbrief on Leadership” Mike Myatt makes the point that the training of Leaders should be scrapped in favor of development. He said, “You don’t train leaders you develop them – a subtle yet important difference lost on many.” He went on to argue: “Don’t train leaders, coach them, mentor them, discipline them and develop them, but please don’t attempt to train them.” And he concluded his article with “If what you desire is a robotic, static thinker – train them. If you’re seeking innovative critical thinkers – develop them.” [Read more...]

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People Reading: DISC Style

People are different, in more ways than one! But using the DISC model to read and understand the behavior of others, leads to respect, trust, and a willingness to adapt behavior to meet the needs of others.

The result is greater effectiveness on the job and in our private lives.

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DISC Secrets: How they can help you!

One of the most common questions we get is “What is Disc?” and a second is “How can it help me?
Well, to help in answering those questions, we have prepared the following short video. It is less than 12 minutes in length, it will help in explaining what DISC can do for you.
Watch it here!

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